About Us


Hello!  I am Hope Wallace, owner of Hope Pails!  Hope Pails began in my home in Richmond, VA, November 10, 2009.  Hope Pails started with a vision several years prior to it becoming a reality.  I said to myself how neat it would be to arrange gifts in a gift pail instead of a basket.  I wanted each pail to be handcrafted, personalized, as well as offer an artistically crafted theme around the pail.  I wanted each pail to be beautifully crafted, creative, unique, and offer personality no matter what occasion it was arranged for whether for a child or the young at heart.  I wanted each pail to express the joy that I have creating each pail and to visualize the love that I put into each and every detail.  

Nothing makes me more happy than to receive the smiles and hugs that come from customers viewing the finalized Hope Pail personalized products.  They are surprised how beautifully the pails turn out and how they truly take on a life of their own.  This truly gives me joy! It is my pleasure to serve you and I am happy to add joy to whatever occasion you are celebrating.  Whether it is a children's pail or a wedding pail.  Please know that the most creative energy will be used to make your pail the most exquisite and delightful gift ever!     We will be adding extra features and gifts over the next few months, so please come back regularly to see what's new!  I am a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated, and I really enjoy arranging Greek Pails.  Thank you for your interest in HopePails!  Have a wonderful Hope Pail Day!

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